Relocation Service


Who we are



A relocation pioneer in France

Since 1978, RELOCATION SERVICE, the first relocation company created in France, has provided consulting and advisory mobility services to French and foreign corporations, their employees as well as any individual hired or transferred to Paris area.


Your partner

Professional mobility may involve significant costs (travel expenses, hotels, temporary residencies…) and require considerable administrative work to be supported by the company. RELOCATION SERVICE is your partner to minimize the risks on the investment implied by an expatriation process.

The process expertise from RELOCATION SERVICE’s team of consultants allows you to control those costs, to optimize the time needed by the newcomer for his settling in and to reduce the stress generated by discovering a new work, life and cultural environment. 


A tailor made answer

When our clients arrive from abroad or from another French region, not only do they wish to find an accommodation but also to get answers to the needs linked to this move (immigration formalities, children school enrollment, preparation for departure, etc.). Home searching is RELOCATION SERVICE’s core business and we provide our clients specific and adequate answers for all demands regarding their professional mobility. 


Our Network

We search accommodations in Paris and its area for more than 200 clients per year!

As relocation professionals and pioneers in France, we are recognized by landlords, institution managers and real estate agencies. They have always been our privileges contact people and they provide us daily with updates of available accommodations that would be hard to find elsewhere.




We are not a real estate agency and in order to preserve full liberty of working with all the industry stakeholders to satisfy our customers' needs and inquiries, we don’t have any partnership with any of them.

It’s to keep our freedom of action that we formally refuse any kind of retrocession from them.



An eco-responsible company

Even as a small organization, we are concerned by a sustainable development and we have an active implication for our environment preservation.

Besides waste recycling, usage of low-energy light bulbs and recycled paper, we use daily electric cars and we are renewing out automobile fleet with hybrid vehicles for displacement with our customers.

Last modification : 12/04/2013