Relocation Service


Departure Assistance





Step 1 : Pre-visit of the accommodation

  • Guidance and assistance to touch-up the accommodation to prepare the check out.
  • Contracting suppliers for :
               - Full cleaning of the apartment or the house.
               - Garden maintenance.


Step 2 : Lease cancellation

  • Preparation of the termination letter to send to the landlord to inform him of the departure date.

Step 3 : Cancellation of all utility contracts

  • Contracts for Internet, TV, land or mobile phones (+ return of the equipment).
  • Subscriptions to electricity and gas.
  • Water supply contract (if needed).
  • Home Insurance contract (the day after handing over of the keys).
  • Mail follow up


Step 4 : Exit check-out visit (and inventory for a furnished apartment)

  • Participation to the check-out visit.
  • Return of the keys.


Step 5 : Follow up of the guarantee deposit return

  • Control of the deductions applied by the landlord
  • Follow up of the deposit refund by the landlord.

Last modification : 25/03/2014