Relocation Service


Classic Pack







  • Single Contact

A single consultant is dedicated throughout the mission.


  • Identification of the needs

Through a questionnaire and an interview, we determine together the needs (budget, living area, type of accommodation, size, number of rooms…)  

  • Constitution of the application file

We gather all the required documents from the beneficiary and his/her employer


  • Bank account opening

We accompany the beneficiary to open a French bank account.


  • Housing search, evaluation, selection and visit planning

A specialized team, in permanent contact with the real estate stakeholders, is dedicated to the search, the evaluation of the accommodations and their selection to arrange a visit planning.  


  • Visits with the beneficiary

We accompany the beneficiary from his/her office or temporary accommodation for a one day visits of about 8 accommodations, depending the market and the needs.


  • Advising of the choice of accommodation, application file and negotiation

We advise the beneficiary for the evaluation and selection of the housing. We present and send the application file to the owner or his representative, we negotiate until approval of both parties and we verify the contract terms.


  • Lease contract signature

We accompany the beneficiary to the lease contract signature and explain him/her the contents of the documents to be signed. We also inform him/her of his/her rights and obligations as a tenant.


  • Check-in visit, inventory and home insurance

We accompany or represent the beneficiary to the entry check-in visit (and inventory for a furnished apartment) and we help him/her for the subscription of a housing insurance contract.


  • Utility contracts

We subscribe on his/her behalf to the utility contracts (electricity, gas, water, boiler, phone, internet, TV, alarm…)


  • Ongoing assistance

Our assistance by phone is offered for 1 month after checking in the accommodation in order to find a solution to any problem that the beneficiary may encounter during the beginning of his stay

Last modification : 25/03/2014