Relocation Service


Immigration Formalities






Immigration formalities are mandatory, time-consuming and burdensome, especially for Human Resources that are lacking time and experience to handle them.


Step 1 : Immigration questionnaire to assess the beneficiary’s compliance with the conditions for visa, work and stay.


Step 2 : Identifications of the needs and risks for the following procedures :

  • Permis de travail (working permit)
  • Visa
  • Permis de séjour (Residence Permit)
  • Others (accompanying families, business permit, etc…)


Step 3 : Initiation and follow-up of the procedures.


Step 4 : Accompaniment to the administration offices


Step 5 : Alert for renewal or update of your employees’ status




Other Administrative Formalities:

  • French social security (CPAM)
  • Driving License
  • Registration of the vehicles (“carte grise”)
  • Car insurance
  • Purchase or sale of vehicles
  • Fiscal Assistance



Last modification : 25/03/2014