Relocation Service


How we work




A quality service

RELOCATION SERVICE is an efficient and available partner who will keep you informed while taking care of your employees upon their arrival. We will welcome them personally and offer them assistance for all their demands for a smooth transition.


Reduced costs

Less travel expenses and subsistence costs: to prevent needless round trips to the beneficiaries (plane, train) and to shorten the length of hotel or residence stays, we concentrate the visits on a single day.

Less loss of time: the beneficiaries won’t lose time in unsuccessful phone calls and unnecessary trips for their search. We can, on their behalf, take care of all their settling in steps.

Less stress: the smoother the transition is, the more available the employees will be for their professional activities.

Reassured employees

Peace of mind: whether it is for a new hiring, a transfer, a repatriation or a short term mission in France, all the beneficiaries’ personal steps can be taken care of upon their arrival.

Assurance of a quality accommodation selected by a team of relocation professionals.


An expert view

  • An objective and professional advice on the visited housing with their pros and cons.
  • More than 30 years of network and expertise

Last modification : 05/03/2013